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Ostrich SEO : An SEO Company

Ostrich SEO : An SEO Company

SEO Company

Ostrich SEO is an SEO company, specializing in website SEO, video SEO and web design headquartered in Ventura County, California. We stand apart from other search engine optimization companies because we take a holistic approach to SEO. This means that we look at SEO as an all-encompassing internet marketing practice that includes everything from beefing up the back-end of your site with powerful SEO, to making your actual website visually appealing and trustworthy to new visitors. And as we mentioned on our == HOME PAGE==, this is really the only way to secure long term ROI-boosting results!

At Ostrich SEO, we don’t leave a single stone unturned. Our SEO marketing company is determined to make every pixel of your website evoke a feeling of professionalism and trust, and we want every customer who arrives on your website to immediately feel such a sense of trust and intrigue that they become disarmed from clicking the dreaded “back” button. We strive to create websites where customers take action: make a reservation, schedule an estimate, send an email, etc. This is why a “holistic” approach to SEO is very important in today’s competitive market. Because no matter how many visitors your website might receive from even the best SEO company, those visitors won’t amount to anything if they don’t sense enough professionalism or trust to take action with your business. And ultimately, it’s our goal to build action-inducing websites and be an SEO company that never stops strategizing for our clients.

Ostrich SEO is an SEO company that takes pride in conveying the true culture of a business and reproducing it congruently in the digital world. We have found that every business has a different “mood” or “culture” they are trying to convey to their customers, just as every business owner holds their own particular set of values and ideals about the business they run. That’s why the culture of one pizza shop, for example, can be completely different from another, despite both pizza shops using the exact same set of ingredients to make their end products. And at our SEO company, we take a lot of pride in truly getting to know the business we are serving, because in today’s competitive world, it’s important that the culture of that business be consistent across the website as well. Not only will this create a more “memorable” experience, but when visitors can get a sense of who you are as a business from your website, then they immediately put down their guard and open up in a curious fashion.


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SEO Company

In addition to being a website SEO company and web design company, we also specialize in Video SEO. This is one avenue of service that we are incredibly excited about, because it truly represents unmarked potential for small business owners. In fact, video is the most underutilized marketing platform on the planet, despite the fact that videos are popping up in search results more and more these days. You can literally think of video as the new marketing gold-rush for small-business owners. A well-done, edited, scripted and well-researched video can do wonders for a business, and we enjoy serving our clients with video services as well.

We love serving business owners in Ventura County because we all grew up here, and still call it home today. We are a new SEO company (in legal status, not experience!) but are excited to weave our services throughout the Ventura County business community!

Please note Ostrich SEO is not only a Search Engine Optimization SEO company, but we also serve our clients with video seo, copywriting, and web design services. We consider ourselves to be an affordable SEO company, and if you’re in the Ventura County area, your local SEO company!

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