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Web Design – where it all begins!

Have you ever considered the impact that effective web design makes for the overall success of your business? Did you know, for example, that if even a small number of your website visitors are clicking the “back” button within seconds of landing on your webpage, not only will you likely lose those customers to your competition, but your overall reputation on Google will begin to suffer! Yep, it’s true. That’s why effective web design is so crucial these days. It truly is an extension of your physical storefront. And in the same way you’d like to leave every customer of your physical store with a memorable experience, the customers in your virtual storefront need to be shown the same amount of attention and consideration, because ultimately, their response will without fail also carry a lasting impact on the success of business.

Web Design

Take a second and just consider all the ways you try and create a memorable experience for the customers at your physical store: the environment you choose, the location, the decorations, the cleanliness, the friendliness and helpfulness of your staff, the values and philosophies you’d like to convey as a business, etc. Now consider how effective your web design is in conveying these same ideals. Well, if you’re like most business owners today, you probably spend all your time considering the physical location, but nearly no time considering your virtual location(web design), when in reality they are both crucial to your steady growth as a business.

This is why the web design you employ for your business is really the start of any success you might have online. If, for example, you are considering advertising online, or setting up an aggressive SEO campaign, or even asking customers to share your website through facebook or twitter, you will only be as effective as your web design is appealing, interesting, engaging, and trustworthy.

Sloppy Web Design = Sloppy Business

I know, sounds a bit… over the top, right? Well, let’s draw a quick analogy – consider a pizza shop in a small city. Even if this pizza shop is advertised on all the major billboards in that city, and has television commercials on every primetime channel, and even if it’s mentioned on the front page of every local newspaper, all this advertising won’t amount to anything if, when a customer walks through the door, the shop is dirty, slow, full of unfriendly staff members, dim and disorganized. No matter how they got there, any customer who walks into the pizza store’s physical storefront will not feel compelled enough to take action.

And in the same way, your website and web design is the central hub for any marketing and advertising you might do over the internet. It needs to be stocked with web design that is powerful and engaging, well organized and professional, and most importantly, it needs to convey a sense of trust and culture right away. In the same way that customers would walk out of a pizza shop if it’s dirty and disorganized, a website that’s full of bad grammar, a lack of culture, a poor layout, and a “cookie-cutter” template will ultimately be doing your business a massive disservice.

And without even considering how incredibly fickle consumers are today, your web design really needs to lay a powerful foundation of trust and memorability, so that customers are so engaged they are compelled to take action with your business.

Web design with Ostrich SEO … yes please!

web design creates action

That’s why at Ostrich SEO we strive to provide professional web design services that get into the mind of your customer first. We labor to know what might entice your visitors enough to take action immediately with your business without needing to “shop around” first. And since every avenue of your website plays a critical role in attracting and hooking customers, we don’t cut any corners. We shy away from “cookie-cutter” web design templates, and provide our clients with websites that are stocked to the brim with world-class copywriting, professional photography, trust-building web design, and a beefed-up backend of SEO that’ll be sure to put your website in front of customers who are hungry for your products and services.

To get a better idea of all the services we provide, please do check out our ==== LINK HOME PAGE====, and read our welcome message there. It really goes into detail of exactly why we are so passionate about the importance of looking at web design and SEO as a holistic avenue these days. Our true passion however, is the long-term relationships we build along the way, by serving our clients with the best web design services available today!

Please note that Ostrich SEO is not only a web design company, but we also provide SEO, video SEO and copywriting services. Yes, small business web design is certainly our speciality, but if you would like to learn web design, please consider signing up for our newsletter, which will have free web design tips!